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The world is obsessed with research and science but never the right way. Most of our encounters with a subject outside our own field of study is through pop culture which is most often misleading (read: quantum realm, chimera virus, etc.). We exist with the purpose to let you know what real research looks like – to seperate the facts from the myths. 

Nurture your inner curiosity! Get to know about a range of topics.

Know the real stuff! Break out from fancy movie references.

Get inspired to create your own ideas! Discuss them with real researchers.

Engage in intellectual discussions with top researchers.

Advanced Research
Tailored for Everyone

We work with the top researchers to simplify their technicalities and make it understandable for all. So as long as you are a Science Enthusiast, we assure you, you are going to love the content.


Our first and most interactive content! Live webinars from researchers across the globe. A variety of topics from all fields of Science and Technology. Every Sunday at 06:00 PM IST.

People Reached

Perfectly Balanced

We work rigorously with the researcher to ensure that his content maintains the balance between technicality and simplicity. So whether you are a high schooler or a PhD, there is ample to appreciate and learn from.

Engaging & interactive

With all our webinars conducted live, the audience can interact directly with the researcher to ask queries and exchange ideas. Our Q&A sessions happen to be one of our most engaging segments with questions coming from everywhere.

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Semi-technical blogs – created by researchers, curated by Researcher On Web! Your dose of knowledge and inspiration during your busy schedule. Read on the go or in your free time! Because staying curious is a full-time job!

Quick, Accurate and intriguing

Our blogs are designed to be read in a few minutes to satisfy and spark your curiosity at the same time. They are reviewed by our team to ensure accuracy in whatever content we post.

Definitely Not a research Paper

A research paper is like a coded message – only to be understood by a few. Our team of researchers work to translate that paper to make it more approachable, understandable and fun.

Are You A Researcher?

Are you pursuing your PhD or your Post-Doc? Are you willing to present your amazing research to a larger audience while building connections and promoting collaborations in the process? Let us help you out!

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