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"It was my first webinar and I am delighted that the foundational stone of my public speaking skills has been laid by the "Researcher on Web" team...who built my speaking skills from the scratch and made me ready for the big stage. Now I am far more confident in speaking to large audiences."
Subhajit Sinha
TIFR, Mumbai

Flaunt your Work

Showcase your amazing research to the people interested. Our audience ranges from science hobbyists to dedicated researchers to Deans of Universities. Share and explain your work to be appreciated and found by the right people.

Build Connections and collaborations

Researcher On Web is used by researchers from different universities in different countries across the world. Get connected with people from same or different fields and open up ample opportunities for collaborations.

Enhance your Communication Skills

Our team of communication trainers and subject matter experts will guide you through the entire process. With our training expertise and your dedication we assure you will be a much better communicator after your first work.

Why work with us

Science Communication Training

Learn from our science communication experts. Our team will work with you the entire way to ensure that your content is top notch.

Marketing and discovery

We ensure that you are well marketed - from creating posters to making videos about your content - so that you get found by those interested.

Content curation

We will ensure that your content maintains the perfect balance to reach a larger audience as well as make the impact that you intend it to.

Complete logistics support

We handle all the details and behind the scenes work that is involved in presenting your research, so that you are free to focus on your content.

Community building

Every researcher who collaborates with us is part of a family. They share ideas, engage in discussions and help each other in their research.

Feedback and certification

Get genuine feedback from the audience regarding your content. You will also receive a certificate from us on completion of a successful webinar.

Your work deserves to be Appreciated!

Showcase your research on our platform and make the most of being a researcher on web

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Our Facebook Group is aimed towards enabling researchers from all fields of research to unite online to support each other, gather learnings and develop a network of peers.

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