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Our story

Researcher On Web was imagined in July when both of us, Subho & Ani, were asked to give a webinar session on Quantum Mechanics for a bunch of high school students.

Having done Masters in Physics from reputed IITs, we never got the hunch to do a PhD, but we always felt something was missing in the system which didn’t pull us that much.

Building an online platform and giving an independent space to researchers was the solution and we decided to start this platform to host webinars every week to make people aware of the actual research going on.

Initially it was tough, we had no experience in this, and didn’t want Researcher On Web to be known as just another seminar platform. We want more and more for the people to interact and get recognised.

Love and support from the researchers whom we had worked with gave us massive confidence and energy in building up this platform. Currently, ROW hosts scientific technical webinars every weekend, publishes semi-technical research blogs with a bunch load of features which will showcase the researcher’s work.

Fail, Learn & Innovate.

This website and business is the result of that.  And now we want you to be a part of this beautiful research community.